Rapid Prototyping Workshop

Based in San Francisco : Think with your hands! This could be the title of this session.

How to be more creative by doing? Taking the opportunity to explore how and why prototyping is key in any innovation process. Learning best practices to approach and handle prototyping methods and processes. You will be building and testing your prototypes, including users in the process in order to find constant improvements.

Workshop Educational Goals

  • Move from a list of concepts to real prototypes.

  • Develop knowledge about rapid prototyping.

  • Understand the benefits of prototyping quickly (quick and dirty).

  • Test your prototypes with final users in order to understand real world usage and improve your mockups.

Head of Marketing
“ We launched 5 creative projects after this workshop! ”
1 to 3
Professional facilitators
8 to 12
2 to 4
Hour workshop

Understanding Prototyping

What to expect?

Understand of the basic techniques of rapid prototyping for product design: 3D prototyping, web or application prototyping.
Put your learnings into practice with a concrete project by creating an express prototype.
Learn the Design Thinking method as part of rapid prototyping.
Gain the ability to create fast prototypes with simple tools or fablabs and digital tools.

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