Innovative Business Models

Using design to stimulate business innovation - Workshop in Schoolab Innovation Hub in San Francisco

What makes a company successful when playing on a very competitive market? Product and marketing are not the only key of differentiation: the business model in place can be a game changer. A soft power tool that when used correctly can change the face of your market.

Understand what drove McDonald’s success, explore the complexity of Uber’s business model, and discover how Hyperloop differentiates itself as a company. An unique learning opportunity to imagine and conceptualize a range of new business models for your company.

Educational Goals

  • Help them understand how to drive a risk driven business model in large and small organizations.

  • Give the attendant a new perspective on the business model and how to use it as a creativity tool.

Product Manager, Schoolab
“ This workshop will help you visualize your business in it's hole, learning about applying design principles to business in a durable and profitable way. ”
1 to 5
Professional facilitators
1h to 5h
1-5 hour workshop

Business Model Design

The building blocks of your business

Learn how to use business model designing tools.
Visualize your company's value proposition and understand the role of each building block of your business model.
Pinpoint in your value proposition your game-changer offerings for your customer segment.
Learn how you can use iterative design within your organization to create stronger value for your customer.

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