Ethical Innovation Workshop

Business Ethical Innovation Workshop in San Francisco at Schoolab Innovation center

Straight from the front lines of tech, this workshop kicks off with a dynamic lecture, providing participants a solid grounding in the academic framework of ethics and technology. The lab then challenges participants with engaging scenarios to address the technical, financial, and social aspects of running a company. Participants brainstorm creative solutions to these dilemmas, and devise their own products and services to pitch to the group.

Educational Goals

  • Apply knowledge by prototyping a mission-based, purpose-led company or product.

  • Evaluate companies and projects using “ethical scorecards” in various categories (financial, environmental, social, etc).

  • Work in a team to respond to specific ethical scenarios and devise solutions.

CEO, Schoolab San Francisco
“ A great way to bring teams together and assess on your ethical priorities as a business and as a person. ”
Professional facilitators
10 to 50
Hour workshop

What should you expect?

Challenge your vision of what is ethical and what is unethical when it comes to innovation.
Get inspiration from real life cases.
Confront your vision of ethical innovation with people from different backgrounds and origins.
Define the role you want to attribute to ethics in your organization and design a process to do so accordingly.

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