Transformation in large organizations

Workshop in Schoolab San Francisco innovation center : leverage the assets of your organization to drive successful innovation

Can a large organization transform itself in response to market demand? Yes, but it’s rarely easy. We all know managers who have faced this challenge. During this session, we’ll explore what makes large-scale organizational innovation so complicated, and how managers can overcome obstacles to find innovative ways to survive. We’ll explore how to avoid legacy dependencies and barriers, to create innovative solutions to long-term problems.

Transformation in large organizations Workshop

  • Understand what it takes as a manager to drive transformation in your organization.

  • Learn how to engage teams to tackle large-scale initiatives.

  • Explore goal-setting.

Co-founder & Managing Director, Schoolab
“ We focus on training teams & internal innovation for long lasting change and visible results ”
Professional facilitators
2 to 4
Hour workshop

How to drive organizational change ?

Discover our workshop in San Francisco

Learn about the best in class and how some major companies have managed innovation in the past years.
Discover tools such as the innovation navigator.
Assess your innovation culture and vision associated.
Create your roadmap for successful corporate innovation.

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