Design Fiction Workshop

How to use the future to grow your business

Design Fiction Workshop in San Francisco : You cannot solve tomorrow’s challenges with today’s answers. A workshop on using foresight to pre-empt tomorrow’s challenges Imagine futuristic scenarios, prototype, ideate and project how your industry will evolve. What should you be doing today to stay alive tomorrow?

Educational Goals

  • Anticipate changes, and guess how disruptive innovation will impact the long term.

  • Retro-engineer impactful solutions for your business model.

  • Understand that innovation requires vision and foresight.

CEO Schoolab San Francisco & Design Fiction Expert
“ Make sure you are part of the future you are creating ”
1 to 3
Professional facilitators
8 to 30
1 to 4
Hour workshop

What should you expect?

Learn how Design Fiction can help you take action today, to better understand the future of your business.

Become familiar with the Design fiction process and how you can implement it within your organization.
Project yourself into the future using diverse scenarios and fictions.
Imagine disruptive concepts, products, services applied to your business that will be relevant in the future.
Build the ideal roadmap to put your concept in action, using retro-engineering methods.

Predict the future today!