About us

We enhance solutions by connecting generations

Schoolab is a global innovation studio. We believe in breaking barriers, outdated work methods and silos within organizations.

Our approach consists of exposing problems to different people in a different way. We connect generations to help design solutions that will not only flourish today, but also thrive tomorrow.

Meet Our Team

Mathieu Aguesse
CEO at Schoolab San Francisco
"The Entrepreneurial mindset is for everyone, not only for Unicorn's founders. It is a superpower for any generations to develop confidence in the future and to take control of their lives."
Cian Mitsunaga
VP of Operations at Schoolab San Francisco
I believe in a world where each person lives his/her full potential and where dedication to the pursuit of one's authentic path is generously rewarded. I love helping people, companies and organizations who are impacting the world in their own unique way to expand and thrive.
Abhinav Kukreja
Product Manager at Schoolab San Francisco
I LOVE to tell stories. Storytelling gives me purpose, and allows me to connect with my customers at a more personal level. Previously, I cofounded Zovata (Hewlett Packard) - an Augmented Reality as a service platform dedicated to building next gen marketing tools for enterprises.
Alexandre Truan
Product Manager at Schoolab San Francisco
I love solving problems. My previous experiences taught me about working with people from different socio-economical, generational and cultural backgrounds. Bringing as many point of views as possible to a problem always brings up the quality of the solution.
Elodie Vidal Masson
Community Associate at Schoolab San Francisco
I have extensive experience organizing dynamic events, including art shows promoting environmental and social justice.
Florence Lecuyer
International director at Schoolab
With more than 20 years of experience in Europe and Silicon Valley, Florence is passionate about disruptive innovation, impacting customer experience and speeding up go-to-market strategies.
Patrick Consorti
Executive in residence at Schoolab San Francisco
Global experience in building and growing worldwide operations for global technology companies in the U.S., Asia and Europe coupled with fifteen years entrepreneurial practice in Silicon Valley with emerging companies.

Discover some of our previous work

L’Oréal launches a school in less than a year!

“ 1 school launched in less than a year ”

— Eric Royer Director of the school, We launched a disruptive innovative project that matches L'Oréal's DNA"

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Medical leader Elsa launches an App in 3 months

“ 1 app developed within 3 months ”

— Matt Raffier, The team learnt how to use Design Thinking within 1 month

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Société Général launches internal hackathon

“ 200 employees participated to internal hackathon ”

— Manager, This tool helps us collect great business ideas

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