Research & Product Design

Using shared knowledge & design methodologies to create sustainable products & services

We help our clients design products and services that matter. Our belief is that to be relevant in today’s business climate, corporations & startups need to think in a global and systemic matter, taking into account how the world is changing. We will help you foster a culture of collaboration across all parts of your supply chain, using the best global practices to develop your suite of products and services.

Who are we working with?

  • Product teams: UX/UI research, competition analysis, up and coming businesses and trends. We help you instill the best practices in product design, allowing you to be at the forefront of innovation in your domain.

  • R&D departments: We help you scout startup for partnership or acquisition. Our Silicon Valley offices give us a first hand access to up and coming startups.

  • Innovation teams: We help innovation departments build relevant programs for their enterprise and partners. Foster multidisciplinary teams and leverage differences in age, background and culture.

CEO, Schoolab San Francisco
“ The Silicon Valley ecosystem is the perfect place to learn, grow, and become an all around better organization. ”

Our methodology

We thrive on learning. It is an ongoing process, we never plan to stop.

Systemic thinking. Look beyond your products and services, understand your ecosystem and the role you play within it.
Agile methodologies. We use agile methodologies such as design thinking, design fiction and lean startup.
Co-creation: We have a long track record of working with multiple different actors on projects.
Embracing differences: we will bring as much diversity as necessary to create cutting edge innovation.

How can you work with us?

Outpost as a service

we operate your technology outpost "as-a-service" here in Silicon Valley. User-experience reportes, customer journey analysis, startup scouting and partnership facilitation.

Business Innovative Product Design & Launch

Design and launch innovative products and services

Corporate Training

Innovation Workshop & trainings Our workshops can be done remotely, in our location in San Francisco's financial district or in our clients location of choice.


Work with us.