Outpost as a service

Technological intelligence, project acceleration and innovation advice.

With the ambition of breaking down the barriers of knowledge in innovation around the world, Schoolab operates your technology outpost “as-a-service” here in Silicon Valley.


Technology watch and partnership creation

  • Globalize your innovation cycles with new resources and expertise.

  • Identify emerging threats and growth opportunities in your business.

  • A local presence that helps create relevant and innovative partnerships.

International Director, Schoolab
“ With more than 20 years of experience in Europe and Silicon Valley, I’m passionate about disruptive innovation, impacting customer experience and speeding up go-to-market strategies. ”

Outpost as a service

The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley used as a launch pad to create new opportunities

A tailor-made offer based on your innovation goals, the areas you want to explore and your real needs.
An expert in your field of activity to represent your company in Silicon Valley.
Filter startups that create value for your business. Create relevant partnerships.
Create your network of local companies and startups. A privileged contact with employees and founders.
Gain knowledge and grow your understanding of what is possible in specific areas of user experience (UX) or user interaction (UI) design.
Use knowledge, people and open innovation as a platform to design relevant products and services and set yourself aside from the competition.

Design better products with Silicon Valley

How can you design better products and services by having a presence in Silicon Valley? A few ways you can stay ahead of competition, and we help you do this at the best possible price. Want to learn more? Get in touch for a free quote depending on your needs.

Technology scouting
Discover top innovative startups in the valley
User experience analysis
Customer journey analysis
Startup scouting
Partnership facilitation

Your Outpost at the tip of your fingers