Le bridge UC Berkeley

Berkeley x Schoolab Innovation and startup training program

In partnership with UC Berkeley, Le Bridge is a pioneering entrepreneur training program linking the innovative ecosystems of Paris and Silicon Valley.

Tailored for students from around the globe who wish to learn about global aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Le Bridge Alumni

  • $35 Million dollars raised by Startup founded during Le Bridge program

  • 12 Alumni Startup are still active today.

  • Over 120 students have been trained in In Le Bridge Program in the past 5 years

Le Bridge 2020 Student
“ The Le Bridge program gave the unique opportunity to travel to San Francisco, and work with multiple local startups. I feel like this knowledge will follow me for the rest of my career. ”

Learn innovation and entrepreneurship

4 months training in UC Berkeley / 6 month in startup incubator

Bridge Entrepreneurship targets students from all backgrounds interested in innovation and startup creation.
Incubation at Schoolab in our early-stage Starter incubation program in San Francisco or Paris.
Mentors and community : meet experts to help you grow your business
Learn Innovation methods and best practices

The only program in Europe between the Silicon Valley and Paris

Ever wanted to start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur? Le Bridge is the opportunity to do it!

Many talk about entrepreneurship in France, quoting the best principles, trying to explain the best methods, without sometimes mentioning what it is really about. How about living it for real? Not only in books, in videos, in master classes or in any other conferences. But being in there yourself. Live 4 full months in Berkeley, from August to December and learn everything you need to know to find your idea, test your concept, find your perfect co-founders and VCs. Stay in San Fransisco or come to Paris and spend 9 other months, from January to the end of September, in the hottest place to create, the Schoolab incubator, to innovate and accelerate your startup.


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