Corporate Training

Empower your employees to be better people.

We work with leading corporations and organizations, training employees to agile methodologies and sustainable innovation methods.

Our training programs can be done remotely, in our San Francisco location or directly at our clients location of choice.




What makes us different?

  • Our track record: we have been training people & organizations to sustainable innovation methodologies for the past 15 years. We design our programs and create personalized learning experiences adapted to your needs.

  • Our methods: We strongly believe versatile and interdisciplinary teams make for a stronger learning experience. All of our programs offer the possibility to bring in University students to challenge your teams functioning and input creativity and different points of view.

  • Our team: We are spread across 3 continents with 50+ facilitators from various backgrounds and cultures between San Francisco, Paris and Ho Chi Minh City.

CEO, Schoolab San Francisco
“ We have been developing education and training programs for the past 15 years. Try one of our workshops, you won't be disappointed! ”

Our methodologies

On site or remote trainings about sustainable innovation.

Learn how to innovate and collaborate with students, startups or corporations using open innovation programs.
Our tool kit is composed of a variety of agile methodologies such as design thinking, design fiction and lean startup.
We believe that sustainability and innovation come hand in hand. We encourage creation and design of products and services using circular business models and systems thinking.
We use speculative design methodologies such as design fiction to help put your employees in a long term mindset. This helps fostering teams, and generating sustainable long term projects.

Training Catalog

Discover our Workshops & Training programs

Deplastify the Planet

Open Innovation Program in partnership with UC Berkeley

Ethical Innovation Workshop

An framework of ethics and technology followed by an engaging challenge lab.

Design Fiction Workshop

A workshop on using foresight to pre-empt tomorrow's challenges.

Learning Expedition San Francisco

Learning expedition San Francisco Startup Silicon Valley

Innovative Business Models

Imagine and conceptualize a range of new business models for your organization.

Design Thinking Fundamentals

This lab taps the unique, human-centric model of design thinking methodology.

Rapid Prototyping Workshop

Build your prototypes and test them with users to look for constant improvements.

Transformation in large organizations

Can a large organization transform itself in response to market demand? 


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