Design Thinking Fundamentals

Workshop in Schoolab Innovation Hub in San Francisco : Create organizational change

This lab taps the unique, human-centric model of design thinking, drawing from IDEO’s best practices for shaping ideal teams. Learn how to design superior digital product and services, physical products, apps and online platforms. Learn how by adopting the face of the Anthropologist, Cross-Pollinator, Experimenter and Experience Architect. Iterative methods help to build breakthrough products and create winning customer experiences.

Educational Goals

  • Find your strongest Face. Build your best team.

  • Discover the core IDEO learning personas.

  • Compete in a team Design Innovation Challenge.

  • Pinpoint cross-pollinators, anthropologists, and experience architects in your team.

Head of Human Ressources
“ We trained 20 of our employees to design thinking with schoolab and the level of satisfaction reflects the excellence of the program. ”
Professional Design Thinking Coaches
Hour workshop

From Observation to Prototyping

Learn Design thinking key steps

Observation: Meeting/confrontation and user/end-customer interviews: feedback Mapping user experience (journey map, persona).
Design: Mastery of collective and individual creativity tools Switching from an idea to a concept.
Prototyping: Presentation on rapid prototyping with examples accompanying each subgroup to do rapid prototyping.
Launch: Accompanying pitch design with expert sharing of best practices. Final pitch in front of all participants and end-users.

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