Rebuilding The Future

Design Fiction. Real Invention.

Nobody can predict the future. Everybody can try. And some will be close. Be one of them.

A Schoolab educational & practical design fiction program giving you the opportunity to explore what the future of your industry will look like, consult with experts and position yourself to stay ahead.


How can design fiction benefit your organization?

  • Connect people around common values, visions and goals

    Discussing the future helps teams tighten together and foresee positive scenarios.

  • Access new perspectives on the future of your industry

    Conduct a foresight study about up and coming startups and targeted technology advances in your industry.

  • Discover frameworks and design artifacts

    Learn how to use the latest design frameworks to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Collaborative digital work tools

    Master the use of digital tools and collaborate with a global audience in this Master Class.

CEO, Schoolab San Francisco
“ Our design process has helped our clients take advised, forward thinking and impactful decisions. We have accompanied leading corporations in designing new strategic products and services using design fiction. ”

Program Content

What should you expect?

1) Foresight study: Create a shared and common set of knowledges about the future of your industry. Monitor technology and startups in your marketplace in collaboration with retail industrials from around the globe.
2) Fiction generation: Based on your insights, design fictional scenarios of the future of retail.
3) Generate concepts: Brainstorm and create concepts that position your organization strategically.
4) -Optional- Build a strategic roadmap with expert consultants. We bring strategic experts in to help you design a specific strategic roadmap for your organization.
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  • How is design fiction different from design thinking?

    Design fiction is about using existing technology & industry knowledge to anticipate different possible futures and create concepts and a roadmap accordingly. Design thinking is about understanding your customers needs and finding out how your value proposition acts as a pain reliever or gain creator for those needs, using iterative and agile methodologies

  • How much does the program cost?

    Design fiction, like other design processes, can be used in an array of different manners. The prices of our services depend on how deep you want to go in the process, the number of industry & technology experts brought on your project and the number of people you would like to train for the methodology.


  • How has COVID-19 affected the program?

    Our program can be delivered online and offline. We have been delivering it 100% digitally for the past 2 months and the results have been great!

  • How does design fiction help teams?

    Our experience showed us that when discussing futuristic scenarios, the constraints of the present are often forgotten. Participants open up in a more intimate and meaningful way allowing teams to learn about themselves and feel connected on a deeper level.


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