Deplastify the Planet

An Open Innovation Program in partnership with UC Berkeley

Deplastify the Planet is a one-of-a-kind project-based class offered jointly by the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SCET) and Schoolab. Students work alongside global organizations with a single goal in mind – ‘deplastify’ the planet.


5 actions to Deplastify the Planet

  • 1. Finding alternatives – Sourcing different sustainable materials in the place of plastic. Read use case.

  • 2. Circular economy – Reduce, reuse, repair. Creating new sustainable business models around waste. Read use case

  • 3. Reducing plastic waste – Analyzing supply chains to identify excess use of plastic.

  • 4. Improved recycling – A better traceability of waste allows for more efficient recycling. Read use case.

  • 5. Education and optimization of existing infrastructure – Improving human behavior around the issue of plastic waste and consumption. Read use case.

Mathieu Aguesse
CEO Schoolab San Francisco & Program Director for Deplastify the Planet
“ Innovative companies usually face complex problems that can only be solved looking at it with different angles. Outsourcing that phase of research and ideation brings more perspective and allows corporations to earn time, energy and flexibility. ”
of plastic waste is not recycled
of the plastic we use yearly end up in the ocean
of the world’s oil production is dedicated to plastic

Eco Conception Open Innovation Program

The benefits of open innovation with Schoolab

Engaging different generations offers diverse perspectives. Moreover, it leverages experience of the older generation while building on the norms and tastes of youth.
Involving external actors in your innovation funnel offers great outputs such as avoiding tunnel effect, creating eco-systemic solutions and enhancing creativity inputs during the entire development process.
Our methodology is the result of 14 years of experimentation and refinement based on the theories of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Open Innovation.
Our approach is user-centric. Observation is key. It allows one to deeply understand the customer’s needs and build a product which answers those needs, the perfect usage.

Innovate with students to reduce plastic waste

There are no simple solutions, creativity and new points of view are essential in order to implement change in a sustainable manner. This open Innovation program in partnership with UC Berkeley takes students from different academic background and challenges corporate problems.



“Deplastify the Planet” plays into action within a global plastic reduction initiative led by Moho and UC Berkeley. Addressing the issue through 4 distinct angles; government, corporate, academic and civil, Moho is bringing communities, organizations, leaders and civilians together in order to help find sustainable, viable and feasible solutions to the global plastic crisis. Learn more about the global initiative here.





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