Business Innovative Product Design & Launch

3-6 months to quickly launch an innovative business product on the market

An acceleration program to launch your innovative business products and services using agile methodologies: design thinking, lean startup and design fiction.

A lean startup method to launch your products

  • Design Thinking and Lean Startup Training to accelerate you innovation project.

  • Support for the design, prototyping and development of the commercial offer.

  • Accompanying internal teams in launching the product or service.

Pierre L
Innovation project manager
“ 6 intensive months for a live project, a very good performance for us and real personal satisfaction. ”

The agile method for innovative product launch

We help companies launch innovative products or services by supporting them on innovation methodology, design and development.

Training in agile methods and design thinking to boost Innovative Product Launch
Personnalise coaching and coaching teams for agility
Design an innovative product launch roadmap
Monitoring, implementation of business reporting and definition of KPI's.
Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

Innovative Product Launch and services: tips.

Through the steps of our agile innovation methodology, design and develop your innovative products and services

  • Avoid disruption by constantly re-inventing your products and services

    With globalization and digitalization, the pace of innovation has accelerated as consumer trends and needs have changed. To cope with these changes, large companies need to adapt faster to stay at the forefront of their customers’ needs or risk being replaced by more up-to-date competitors: in the United States, the average age of the Companies in the S.P. 500 is 20 years and continues to decline.

    In order not to experience the same disappearances, European companies must be able to innovate and transform themselves at the same time as the market evolves. To do this, the pace of new products and services must accelerate. But how can we launch innovative products and services faster and without increasing the risk of failure?

  • Mistakes you should be looking out for

    Many projects fail because the teams have spent too much time looking for the perfect innovative product or service without daring to launch it on the market. By the time the product or service passes all internal validations, the market has already evolved and customer needs are no longer the same.

    For example, one of our client companies had already carried out three successive market studies on the concept of food delivery at home. The study’s conclusions were different every time because of behavior changes and market structuration. We convinced them to launch a pilot on the market in less than 2 months on a very limited perimeter in order to quickly gain competence and acquire much stronger convictions on the subject.

They launched innovative products with Schoolab

Discover our customers' business cases and innovation benchmarks

L’Oréal launches a school in less than a year!

“ 1 school launched in less than a year ”

— Eric Royer Director of the school, We launched a disruptive innovative project that matches L'Oréal's DNA"

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Medical leader Elsa launches an App in 3 months

“ 1 app developed within 3 months ”

— Matt Raffier, The team learnt how to use Design Thinking within 1 month

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Société Général launches internal hackathon

“ 200 employees participated to internal hackathon ”

— Manager, This tool helps us collect great business ideas

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