Open Innovation

We believe open innovation is key to resolving problem that recquire critical thinking. When trying to solve a challenge that everybody is trying to solve and everybody is struggling with, collaborating with people who have an new point of view creates opportunity.

1.  UC Berkeley

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Deplastifying The Planet

Our home planet is suffering from plastic waste in many different ways. The entire value creation process around plastic needs to be reconsidered, and companies around the globe are working on the issue.

Their is no simple solution, and creativity and new points of view are needed in order to implement change correctly

This open Innovation program in partnership with UC Berkeley takes students from different academic background and challenges corporate problems.

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2.  Ouptost as a Service

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Technological Innovation

A gradual presence in Silicon Valley depending on strategic intent. 

Corporations from around the globe are following what goes on in the valley in technological innovation. We allow them to take the next step: create connections, meet people, scout for startups,create long term relationships. Al of this without the burden of physicaly moving to San Francisco. Our clients are looking to accelerate projects, integrate startups accisition in their R&D strategy or create connections in the city of innovators.

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3. Corporate events

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Innovate trough learning

Let us create and host your corporate event around a theme of your choice, in order to inspire your employees and foster corporate innovation.

Our community of expert speakers and creators will create personalized workshops and activities tailored to your needs.

4. Office space

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Locally International

Book a dedicated office space, to position your team in an international, growing and loving community. 

Our singular environment fosters creation and innovation and we strive to have inspiring people working in our shared space.

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