Deplastify the Planet x UC Berkeley

An Open Innovation Program in partnership with UC Berkeley, leading companies to reduce plastic waste and help Deplastify The Planet

Our home planet is suffering from plastic waste in many different ways. The entire value creation process around plastic needs to be reconsidered, and companies around the globe are working on the issue.


Eco Conception Program for plastic use reduction

  • Work with generation Z on finding solutions to plastic waste

  • An open innovation program to tackle your greatest challenges

  • Participate in challenges from NGO, Universities and Fortune 500 firms

Julien Fayet
Founder Schoolab
“ This program connects leading corporations and innovative students and startups ”
of plastic waste is not recycled
of the plastic we use yearly end up in the ocean
of the world’s oil production is dedicated to plastic

Reduce plastic use with corporations

Plastic is ubiquitous in our society, in the way we produce and in the way we consume. As such, plastic is ubiquitous in our environment.

It is a necessity for the Planet that our society finds solutions and alternatives to stop plastic pollution.
Open Innovation Program innovate with students and startup
Our methodology is the result of 14 years of experimentation and refinement based on the theories of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Open Innovation.
Our approach is user-centric. Observation is key. It allows one to deeply understand the customer’s needs and build a product which answers those needs, the perfect usage.

Innovate with students to reduce plastic waste

There is no simple solution, and creativity and new points of view are needed in order to implement change correctly. This open Innovation program in partnership with UC Berkeley takes students from different academic background and challenges corporate problems.

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